The Difference between Local and International Schools in Singapore

Most expatriates send their children to international schools, while Singaporeans mostly send their children to local schools. However, some expatriates choose to send their children to local schools, while some Singaporean parents opt for international schools. Although the government gives priority to Singaporean students when it comes to admission in government-run schools, some international students […]

Advantages of Learning Arabic

Communication is what makes the people understand each other and in order for communication to happen, language must be present. Language can be used in written or in verbal form. We have a huge number of languages around the world and it would actually be nice to discover and learn about some of these languages. […]

Finding the right private primary school in Singapore

Travelling abroad to explore new opportunities is a common experience for many families, and there are many reasons to relocate to another country, such as job opportunities and a better education. For some, the change of scenery is an exciting adventure, and for others, the decision to move is almost overwhelming. The primary concern for […]