How To Choose A Suitable Childcare Centre

Childcare centres could be a great help for parents who are working all day in order to provide for their family. It is a place where you could leave your child for someone else to take care of while you are at work. This is a risky thing to do. Parents must be extra careful in choosing the right childcare centre. It would be useless to be sending your child to a centre who could not do what is right for your child.

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The Asian Parent, will help us with this matter by telling us how to choose the right childcare centre.

How to choose the right childcare centre

A colleague recently confided her predicament in deciding which childcare centre she should choose for her 4-year-old daughter. She was worried about making a wrong decision and I identified with her because I was in the same situation a year ago.

Indeed, it is a tough decision to make when choosing the right childcare school or day care centre for your child because it will either make or break him/her during these early, formative years.

So, I suggested the following criteria and factors she should consider:

Government run or private

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport (MCYS) oversees the setting up of childcare centres in Singapore. All childcare centres in Singapore must be licensed and must comply with all regulations stipulated by MCYS.

However, even though MCYS has stipulated requirements, do note that centres have the autonomy to adopt their own curriculum design. Read more here.

According to The Asian Parent, we should consider if the centre is government run or private, the budget, location, license reputation, and credentials. These things are important because it will prove that the centre is credible and safe. Below, we are going to have a look at some of the best childcare options in Singapore. The Expat will tell us everything that we need to know about them.

The Best Childcare Options in Singapore: All You Need to Know

As parents, we only want the best for our children, so we work hard to be able to provide for them. The irony is, working longer hours means spending less time with them, which could lead to parental neglect when you leave your young child at home without a guardian. If only there was a way to work AND care for your child at the same time, without driving yourself crazy!

Well, Team Expat is here to tell you that it’s entirely possible. Depending on what you can afford, you can hire freelancers or send your child to centres for childcare. There are various types of childcare options, but they all basically mean the same thing: Someone to care for and supervise your child or children, usually between the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years.

Contrary to popular belief, sending your child to a childcare centre/day care/pre-school or hiring help doesn’t mean that a child would be growing up with less love than when he or she is cared for solely by their parent(s). If anything, it means more love from different parties, and quality care from a young age can have a positive impact on their future, such as getting a head start on learning how to read and write. Long story short, it all comes down to how you handle your child’s childcare—do you let your child’s caretaker do the bulk of parenting or you merely let them assist you? Read more here.

Basically, we have premium childcare centres, churches, babysitters, and many others. Parents should weigh what they really need in order to choose well. Speaking of churches, it could be helpful to send your children here if you want them to grow in the love of God. It is also a good thing that you do not have to be Christian before you could bring your child here.

Another thing that parents are asking is if it is better to send your child to a government or a private childcare.  The Asian Parent will tell us more about it.

Government vs Private Childcare – What Are You Really Paying For?

Should you send your kids to a government or private childcare? Keep reading to find out more about the huge difference in childcare fees…

Fretting about enrolling your child in infantcare before he or she is born? Raising a child in Singapore is somewhat like a marathon in which you have to adopt the mindset of a sprinter. It starts with registering your unborn child for infant or childcare, sometimes queuing overnight for a place at the centre near to your home. Then it proceeds on to the hula hoops you have to jump through to register your child at a primary school of your choice. Read more here.

They explained above everything about your expenses and what they really are for. As parents, you should know about the breakdown of your expenses so that you know if your money is worth it. All that were mentioned above are the factors that we have to consider before deciding where to bring our children. We should give time in looking for answers before deciding because it would be our loss if you chose the wrong centre.