Things Children Need to be Ready for Kindergarten

Things Children Need, to be Ready for Kindergarten

A Kindergarten is that place where a child begins his education in reading and writing. Although previous knowledge of this is not a mandate, because the Kindergarten curriculum includes it, a child should always come be brought here with preschool skills and readiness to transition to the educational life from an academic, social and physical calibre.

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Academic Skills

It is ideal for kids to possess a certain amount of pre-kindergarten academic skills to ensure faster learning and adaptability in what is nothing but a new and strange environment. To start off you can ensure that your children can count upto a certain number say 10 or 20. Your child may not be proficient with all the 26 alphabets but should be able to recognise a few in sentences just to make them feel comfortable when they are taught these things. Your child should be able to string a few complete sentences that are basic and necessary for interaction.

Social Skills

Parents must, furthermore, ensure that their kids are comfortable in social group. This can be done by placing them between other children in the playground of your apartment and so on. It is better that a child comes prepared as being newly placed in a group of peers is a difficult situation for them to cope with sometimes. Train your child to ask for help and not be to themselves in big groups. Your child should be able to recognize authority and treat them with respect and must be able to follow their command with ease. The should be equipped to follow basic instructions. Similarly, your kid must also be respectful of his or her peers and talk to them politely and share with them. Ensure that your child knows his or her own personal information such as name, age, father’s name, mother’s name etc.

Physical Skills

As the children will be on their own, it is necessary for parents to ensure that they can use a bathroom comfortably without much help. Additionally, parents must also ensure that their children’s motor responses are developed and sharp in order to perform simple activities like holding a pencil, zipping a bag, buttoning a shirt, tying shoe laces and so on.

While most parents do not see the importance of these prerequisites and many a time overlook it, these are what will make children feel absolutely comfortable and independent in a Kindergarten. In an intimidating and brand new setup the last thing you want your child to worry about is the above few things.