mandarin class for toddler

What is the Right Age to Start Learning Chinese?

If you are an aware person who keeps updated regarding what is happening around the world then you would know that China at present is the second most powerful country in the world successfully progressing in its way of world domination. So in that respect, Chinese language gains tremendous importance. Thus becomes utterly important, necessary […]

chinese class for toddlers

Benefits of Preschool Mandarin Speech Classes

It is very well known that young children are the best students and they are able to grasp anything that is taught to them better and faster during classes for toddlers . Studies have shown that children as young as 3 or 3.5 years are at the best age for them to start extra curriculum […]

Non-Academic Skills A Child Can Learn

A teacher takes a hand, opens the mind and touches the heart. Apart from the curriculum, children need to be nurtured to develop good habits and manners. Empathy, respect, and teamwork are crucial qualities for any adult because inculcating such qualities as a person character must be done when he is in his pre-nursery Singapore […]

Options To Learn Chinese For Kids

Not all preschool are created equal. They offer different things in the hopes that they would be the one to provide education and services to other individuals. Facts have stated that the existence of these institutions is a necessity for every family and every child. Education must be presented in an early age and everything […]

Playgroup is not all playing

The first few years of a child’s life are spent playing around without any responsibility or worry. These are the most essential years when it comes to learning. The brain develops up to age 5 and that is when children can learn the most. Now, you might be worried. Sending your toddler to playgroups in […]

Top kindergartens for Singaporean kids

Are you looking for a great kindergarten to enroll your kid into in Singapore? Are you having a hard time picking among the various kindergartens in Singapore? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are, you know that all kindergartens in Singapore aren’t great. In fact, it may surprise you to know that some […]

Advantages of Learning Arabic

Communication is what makes the people understand each other and in order for communication to happen, language must be present. Language can be used in written or in verbal form. We have a huge number of languages around the world and it would actually be nice to discover and learn about some of these languages. […]