Creative writing has much importance in the English curriculum

Singaporean parents are now crazy about giving the kids a nice kick-start so that they can shine in the future.  For this, they are sending their kids to various enrichment classes. And creative writing is the most popular among those.

Creative writing helps the kids to stretch their imagination and express them most effectively. English creative writing classessprovide children with an excellent stimulus for writing in an interactive environment. Thus, they learn to write like professionals on various topics.

The learning process is different from traditional approaches. The kids see things, in these classes, from different viewpoints. It helps them to get a nice grasp of the matter and they set up their comfort zone. This also helps them to excel in academic settings. As these classes mainly focus on the craft of writing, it automatically improves the grammar skills of the children.

The article by MindChamps discusses the importance of English creative writing classes and how they complement the English curriculum.

English Creative Writing: How Creative Writing Classes Complement the English Curriculum in Primary School

“Creative writing” is a buzzword that is growing ever more popular among parents these days. There must be a reason why. Rather than simply drilling children to write by rote (which is a spectacularly unsuccessful way of teaching), creative writing is a gentle way of stretching children’s imaginations, tapping into their emotions, and building their confidence as natural writer. On a more practical note, creative writing aligns with MOE’s Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) approach to teaching English. Read more here!

Is it worthy to join English creative writing classes?

Many successful writers have never joined any creative writing classes in their lives and they openly boast about it. This puts one in a tough corner; whether to take a creative writing class or not.

Not everyone is gifted with natural writing skills. Only a few are blessed who can write spontaneously. For most people it does not come naturally to them and, therefore, they have to work very hard. Only joining an English creative writing program can help them to learn how to write most effectively.

This is why the Singaporean parents are enrolling their kids in the creative writing classes. But one must be very clear about the outcome. Plenty of creative writing classes are there across the island and must try to know the details about the class before signing in. One should never join a class with vague descriptions. As creative writing classes can cost anything, affordability is another element to consider.

The article by Kristina Adams discusses the worth of joining English creative writing classes.

Are Creative Writing Classes Worth it?

Ever considered taking a creative writing class but then wondered if it’s worth the time and money? Ever thought that you could just learn everything you need about writing from a book? Ever wondered just what creative writing classes teach anyway? While I can’t speak for every writer or every creative writing class, I’ve studied my far share of writing. I’ve got a BA and an MA in creative writing, and regularly take part in classes at the local writers’ studio. With writing, there’s always more to learn, and the best way to do this is by engaging with other writers. Read more here!

Kids can join English creative writing classes for various reasons

As a parent in Singapore, you have to provide your kids with a good head-start so that they can be successful in this highly competitive environment. Most Singaporean parents are sending their kids to various enrichment classes for nurturing the latent talents of the kids.

Creative writing classes are one such. If your kids have a knack for writing, they would love these classes. The creative writing classes are ideal for bringing out their literary flairs. These classes make them creative and the kids also do better in their English curriculum.

These classes adopt an interactive and fun approach to learning writing skills. They also follow the Ministry of Education guidelines for primary school English. Learning through play classes are also there. Joining the creative writing classes the kids can express what is happening in their lives and surroundings better.

The article by Chris Edwards talks about reasons for kids to join English creative writing classes in Singapore.

Creative writing classes for kids in Singapore

Whether your child dreams of being a writer or just likes to make up stories, creative writing is a cathartic exercise that allows children to make sense of what is happening in their lives and their ever-changing feelings. It’s something they can try out on their own at home, but if you want to provide a bit more guidance, here is our guide to some of the many creative writing classes for kids in Singapore. Read more here!