Know These Innovative Techniques to Teach Reading and Writing Chinese to Your Kids

Some facts about Chinese: Chinese is always seen as a very difficult language. There is a very negative connotation that one associates with the Chinese language. The crucial questions that parents often seem to ask is: Will I be able to teach Chinese to my non-Chinese speaking children? How will I introduce Chinese to my children? The answer is that it is very much possible to teach Chinese to your child at home from a ground zero level.

One good way of introducing Chinese to your children is via Chinese learning enrichment classes for children. One such learning enrichment class is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre. Chengzhu Chinese enrichment classes have been well-received by both young and adult learners, and is the Mandarin branch of the acclaimed Julia Gabriel Learning Centre.

Next, here are some helpful facts about the Chinese language: Chinese is not the most difficult language in the world: it is often heard that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world. But research has proven that it is quite easy to speak Chinese and if one can learn one to ten in Chinese, it is possible to count till ninety-nine using the same combination.

Chinese is a tonal languageā€”it has four tones and a neutral tone. The characters in Chinese are not as complicated: it might seem very complicated, but if you know how they are put together, one realizes that Chinese is quite a funny language.

How to teach Chinese to your kids? Teaching Chinese to your kids can be done at home or through enrichment classes for kids/children. To make it simpler for the child, the parent should understand that Chinese grammar is not as complicated English grammar. Here are some easy ways in which you can teach Chinese to your child: Youtube videos: Youtube has many learning videos. Hence watching videos on Youtube can be one very good way to teach your child Chinese. Through Youtube videos it is easier to teach your child pronunciations. Activity books: there are coloring books and other activity books through which you can teach Chinese in an innovative way to your child.

Drawing and illustrations is a good way of teaching Chinese to your child. Enrichment classes: sending your child to a language enrichment class is a good way of making your child learn Chinese. In such classes the child meets other children from different linguistic groups and become open to other cultures as well. Also, their speaking skills get honed as they converse with other children in Chinese.