Top kindergartens for Singaporean kids

Are you looking for a great kindergarten to enroll your kid into in Singapore? Are you having a hard time picking among the various kindergartens in Singapore? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are, you know that all kindergartens in Singapore aren’t great.

In fact, it may surprise you to know that some schools that claim to have high teaching standards don’t really know what they are doing.

So before choosing a kindergarten to enroll your kid, it is crucial that you first do some research to see if they will be able to address the needs of your child.

Picking among the top-rated kindergartens in Singapore is a good idea, as they all have an excellent reputation and have helped thousands of kids reach their potential.

The following article by Mediaone unveils some top-rated kindergartens in Singapore.

 Top Kindergartens in Singapore

If you add the primary, secondary, post-secondary, and university years up, your kid is probably going to stay in the world of education for 15-18 years on average! Hence, if your kid is going to study for so many years, it makes sense to prepare him/her cognitively and emotionally for learning. Read more here.

Clearly, you now know some prestigious kindergarten in Singapore and what they offer. You are also now armed with some tips that can help you choose the best kindergarten for your little one. Have you ever thought about what your child will learn in kindergarten? Regardless of your answer, you are going to benefit from the next article as it unveils what kids learn in preschool.

The following article by Chilternhouse will give you a clear picture of what your kid will learn in preschool.

 What should your child learn in preschool by the time he is 3, 4, 5, and 6 years old?

A child’s capacity for learning in these pre-primary years is enormous. Preschool-age children learn from every experience, relationship, and the adventure they encounter. Having space and opportunity to explore objects and stimulating environments– Read more here.

After reading the above article, you likely now know what kids actually learn in preschool. You also now know how what they learn helps speed up their social and emotional development, language and literacy development, math development, and gross motor development. If you are having a hard time determining whether to send your kid to a private or a MOE kindergarten, the next article is for you.

The following article by Sandra Davie discusses some tips that can help parents choose between a private or MOE kindergarten.

Pick a private or MOE kindergarten?

The Ministry of Education’s (MOE) move to give priority to children attending its kindergartens has left many parents asking if they should look into sending their children to such kindergartens, instead of private or church-run onesRead more here.

The above article has given you a clear picture of what a private and a MOE kindergarten has to offer. The article also discussed how MOE kindergarten has helped a lot of kids in Singapore do better in later years. Note that it isn’t going to be easy to send your child to MOE kindergarten as they accept only a handful of kids each year. Learn more about private preschools in Singapore here:

Final note

Truth be told, all kindergarten in Singapore aren’t the same. While some are prestigious and have well-qualified teachers, others really do not know what they are doing.

See, you will never regret enrolling your kids into any of the reputable kindergartens in Singapore, as they have what it takes to help any kid succeed.

If your child is to do better than his peers or reach his potential a little bit quicker, you should send him to either a MOE or a private kindergarten. There he will receive all the attention and care he needs to succeed.