What Can Parents Do To Make Their Kids Better At Writing

If there is one thing kids all over the world enjoy doing the most it is expressing their inner self. For them, expressing themselves is a way to connect with others and discover new interesting things. Considering that almost everything is interesting to them, it is not a surprise that kids are chock full of curiosity. It is high time parents started utilizing this
curiosity for something good and long lasting, like writing skills for example.

While helping kids in spelling out different words does help in improving their writing skills, this common prompt will do more harm than good in the long run. The only way kids will ever master any skill is by committing mistakes in it. Unless kids do not learn to identify their mistakes, they will never be able to master anything. This awareness is possible, only when kids are allowed to learn devoid of prompts. Kids will have to learn to be independent at some point in their lives, the earlier they understand this fact, the better it is for them. By allowing kids to make mistakes and then making them correct it, parents can ensure that their kids will develop both the awareness and confidence that they need to be independent. This is the philosophy that many Good Kindergarten in Singapore will stick to. In this article we shall discuss, what can parents do to make kids better at writing.

Phonetic based learning
According to the experts, teaching kids to spell based on the sounds they hear in words is often the best way to teach them to write. While learning through this process might seem slow, the impact that it has on the writing skills is pretty profound and long lasting. Initially, kids might not be able to recognise all the sounds in words and sentences. But as they listen to more sentences being read out while pursuing them in the book, they will get the sense to identify more letters in the sentences they hear. After a while, they will be able to identify all the letters in the words that they hear. In this way, parents can help their kids learn to spell words and form sentences with greater confidence.

Practice makes perfect
There are plenty of games and activities available on the internet which can be used to improve the writing skills of kindergarten kids. Parents can search for them and introduce them to their kids, so that they get confident in their ability to write. In case kids find it difficult to write certain sentences, parents should give them the time to work it out on their own and only then offer to help. Prompting kids everytime they encounter a difficult sentence should be strictly avoided at all costs.

As much as we would like to think we can prepare our child for every single mistake they might make, the reality is that they need to mistakes in order to learn. Nothing is as effective as being hands-on and experiencing the lessons by themselves. So don’t worry and let your child go out and explore for themselves. After all this is what we humans have evolved to do over millennia.