What is the Right Age to Start Learning Chinese?

mandarin class for toddler

If you are an aware person who keeps updated regarding what is happening around the world then you would know that China at present is the second most powerful country in the world successfully progressing in its way of world domination. So in that respect, Chinese language gains tremendous importance. Thus becomes utterly important, necessary and at the same time productive to learn the Chinese language. It is an extremely smart move as well as all the leading job sectors are gradually opening up many areas relating to Chinese technology and communication. Thus, the question that comes next is the ideal time to learn Chinese because it is a well-known fact that Chinese as a language is quite difficult and not very commonplace.

Learning Chinese requires skill, patience and proper guidelines

According to some the process of learning Chinese should be started before the age of twelve in a child. The reason behind this is that research has proven that children at their tender age, especially infants have a very productive mind and at this age their grasping power to adapt something new is so fierce that they can very easily learn something that is not very easy for adults. This power of grasping new things generally stays in a child before he/she starts adolescent which is the age of twelve. Thus, if parents want their child to learn Chinese, it is better to involve them and admit them in a proper place such as proper and suitable enrichment classes for kids/children then that will help them in getting themselves attached and adapted with this language easily. But according to some others, adulthood can also be an ideal time for learning Chinese because Chinese being an extremely difficult language to grasp, only an adult can understand it’s nuances and have the practical patience to learn it properly.

One such Mandarin centre is Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, which has language classes for both children and adults. Both classes have been well-received, and you should check them out if you are serious about learning Chinese. You may view more here for Mandarin classes for toddlers.

Both for a child and an adult, learning Chinese can be a difficult and time-consuming process

For a child, if admitted in a Chinese learning course at the age of five, he/she will be an expert by the age of eighteen. As for an adult, it depends upon his/her time and dedication upon the entire matter. It has to be taken in mind that it is extremely essential to know Chinese properly as well because Chinese is the most popular language in the internet and Chinese is the second most widely spoken language after English. Not only is Chinese becoming irreplaceable with each passing day, but it also has the additional plus point of being extremely interesting as well because having no particular and fixed alphabetical order, Chinese is mainly a pictorially represented language.