Proven ways to know if a kindergarten will be good for your kid

Most parents in Singapore are willing to go above and beyond in their efforts to find the perfect kindergarten for their kids. But the truth is that no kindergarten is 100% perfect.

Even prestigious schools with an excellent reputation still have a few areas they are lacking. But this should not make you give up on your search for a good kindergarten in Singapore.

As you likely know, not all schools in Singapore have what it takes to help kids reach their potential. To find the one that does, you are going to need all the help you can get.

The following article by Scholastic parents staff shed light on some easy ways for parents to know if a kindergarten will be good for their kids.

What Makes a Good Kindergarten?

Ideally, kindergarten will be a smooth, sunny introduction to a real school for your child since it sets the stage for the rest of his education. While no program is perfect, some are better than others. Find out what sets them apart and how you can get the best possible start for your child– Read more here. 

The above article has broadened your perspective and armed you with some tips that can help you determine if a kindergarten will be great for your kid or not. The article also brought to light some key things to look out for before choosing a kindergarten in Singapore. Read the next article carefully to learn about the types of kindergartens in Singapore.

The following article by Kassab Salaheddine explains the difference between government and private kindergartens in Singapore.

Government vs. Private Kindergartens in Singapore: What you should know before enrolling

If you’re the lucky parents of a hopping bundle of love, then you know that you’ll eventually need to find a good kindergarten to send him/her to. However, a quick search for a kindergarten in Singapore will reveal the availability of a myriad of different schools — Read more here.

Undoubtedly, you now know a thing or two about the private and government kindergartens in Singapore, their tuition fee, teacher to student ratio, hygiene practices, and many more. In the past, a lot of parents in Singapore were moving their kids from government to private kindergartens. Presently, many parents are moving their kids from private kindergartens to MOE kindergartens. Read the next article to find out why.

The following article by Jeffery Byrd contains everything parents need to know about private and MOE kindergartens in Singapore.

 Which to Choose for Your Child: Private Kindergartens vs. MOE kindergartens

The Ministry of Education in Singapore is responsible for all the origination and application of policies leading to education in the country. These policies are looked after by the minister for education from the basic primary level to the upper tertiary ones. About one fifth of the annual GDP is spent on education and is the main focus of the all the country. They want to equip their citizens with top quality education so that they are able to progress and compete in the international marketplace. Read more here.

After reading the above article, you likely now know what private and MOE kindergartens have to offer. The article also unveiled some tips that can help parents choose between these two. Note that MOE kindergartens may not be available for every kid in Singapore, as there are just 18 of them right now. Private kindergartens are good alternatives to MOE kindergartens, as they equally have high teaching standards.

Final note

Presently, there are a few hundred kindergartens for children in Singapore. While most of them are good, there are a few that are lacking in many areas.

To know if a kindergarten has what it takes to help your child reach his potential, you have to take a close look at everything from their curriculum and tuition to their teacher to student ratio and hygiene practices.

Sending your child to either a private or MOE kindergarten is the best way to ensure that he gets the best education in his early years.